#BAGAHOLICBOY SHOPS: No Monday Blues With Hermès’ Bleu Encre



Chase away those Monday blues with a different kind of blue. An all-new shade from the French luxury house’sFall-Winter 2018lineup,Bleu Encrecomes with a purple-like Undertone depending on what light it is Under, but is overall much like a darker shade of navy. And here are 4 different Bracelets you can definitely consider, now available across Hermès boutiques for you to add to your collection.

First up, theBehapi(SGD490), a simple double tour bracelet that comes with the ‘H’ hardware and can be secured and adjusted up into 3 different holes. Better yet, it comes with a contrasting shade ofAmbreon the reverse side, allowing you to wear it the other way around if you so please.

For those who prefer Bracelets with a little more chunk, that’s where theKelly Double Tour(SGD760) comes in. Its chunkier counterpart would be theKelly Dog(SGD850), a single cuff that has spawned off an entire family of bracelet pieces. Both pieces come in eitherPHWorRGHWand carry the exact same price, so it’s very much down to which hardware colour you prefer.

Rounding up the lot is theCollier de Chien(SGD1700) bracelet, Hermès’ truly iconic piece finished with 4 pyramid studs and a ring that’s unmistakable from afar.

The great thing about Hermès’ bracelets is that they can worn by either men or women, with a pretty wide range of sizes (mainly T1 to T4, even T5 to T7 for some) catered to you. Keen to know which size fits best? Simply head on down to any Hermès boutique today to try them on. And if the bracelet fits.. you know what to do. #happyshopping