Celine Alphabet Necklace In Brass With Gold Finish



Because November is just one day away (otherwise known as the start of your annual festive shopping spree), you can be sure that there will be lots of goodies featured here to add into your ever-growing wish list. And to kick it all off, here’s some bling from Celine which will be released alongside several bags and SLGs by Hedi Slimane come mid-November 2018.

Aside from theTriomphe Bagwhich was covered here previously, know that the French luxury house is introducing a number of fashionable jewellery pieces, such as theAlphabet Necklacethat comes in full brass with a polished gold surface.

Each pendant (charm) features a capitalised alphabet in a sans serif font, measures just 1.4 cm, and is attached to a thin chain which is adjustable to two lengths, 39 cm and 41 cm, allowing you to layer different pieces at varying lengths if you so wish. There’s even a slew of care and maintenance instructions up online, reminding you to keep the necklace away from cosmetics, perfume and water.

And because it is made of brass that’s coated with 24K gold (SGD670each), you will be pleased to know that makes it resistant to scratches and easily cleaned with a soft cloth. Looking for a fuss-free piece to layer with your existing pieces for the chic look? This could just be it.