Hermès Mini Dog Mix



This threw me off at first, but I think I get it now. A newish offering from the French luxury house, theMini Dog Mix(GBP470) is essentially your typical leather and palladium-plated studded hardware mix, but with a slight difference. At the side of each bracelet you’ll also find an additional bell, which is certainly unusual. Is it actually a luxury anklet meant for toddlers, or the fanciest dog collar yet for tiny chihuahuas and miniature pinschers. I just would truly never know.

But if you’re keen to find out, you should head down to any Hermès boutique in Singapore where it should come in 4 colours. There’sBlackorGris Asphalte(shown above), as well asBordeauxandRose Extrême. In other words, a good selection of hues no matter what your preferred palette might be.

Image: Hermès